Cats and Dogs

Quotations: As soon as we know the size of your pet and to which destination your pet should travel, we can provide you a suitable quotation including flight possibilities and all costs. We can also provide IATA-approved transport kennels which are buying kennels so you can keep the kennels at destination. To provide you a quotation, it’s important to know the right dimensions of the pet. It’s not allowed to put a pet in a kennel which is too small or too big. You find more information regarding how to measure your pet the right way on our page “transport boxes”.

Indekoffer-300x199Booking: If you agree with the quotation and you want to use our services, you can fill in the booking form which is send along with the quotation and return it to us. By doing this, you instruct VCK to book your pet on board of the scheduled flight to his destination. We can make the booking two weeks in advance as from then the airlines “open” their flights for cargo. The airline will contact the consignee to double check if your pet will be picked up from the destination airport. As soon as this is done, you receive a booking confirmation from our side with all relevant information such as flight details, overview of costs, travel tips and route description to the VCK-office at Schiphol – Rijk.

Delivery: Airlines have different delivery slot-times but pets need to be at VCK between 4 and 5 hours average. This has all to do with issuing several freight documents such as Airwaybill and customs documents. We deliver your pet 4 hours prior to departure to the airline as these airlines need a lot of time to manifest the flight and they close their flight between 4 and 3 hours prior to departure. There for it is important to deliver your pet in time to us. Ofcourse we can also pick up your pet from a home address, please ask us for our prices. Preparations: We advise not to feed your pet 12 hours prior to departure. This because of 2 reasons: messing up the kennel and sickness. Pets can get sick due to movements of the plane and the combination with the height. Ofcourse water can be given at all times. Please make sure you walk your dog before you deliver the dog to us. We will walk with your dog for a short walk but during his stay at the airline, the dog has to stay in his kennel. Only KLM has an extra service. They have highly trained staff who takes personal care of your pet at the KLM Animal Hotel at Schiphol Airport.   Before you can ship your pets, they need to comply with a couple of conditions; A-     They need to have a passport B-     They need to have a chip or tattoo for identification C-     For almost every destination,  rabies vaccination is required at least 30 days prior to departure D-     For almost every destination, a health certificate is needed issued within one week prior to departure

Travel within the EU: All dogs, cats and ferrets need to have a EU-passport when they are travelling to another country. You can get a EU-passport at your own vet. All dogs, cats and ferrets should be vaccinated against rabies. An official vet can do this vaccination. The vet is also authorized to make a sign of this vaccination in the EU-passport. For identification, owners are obliged to let their pet be chipped or tattooed. The rules for the UK, Ireland and Sweden are changed as per January 1st, 2012. Coming from other EU-countries or listed non-EU countries, the rabies blood test is not required anymore. For the updated requirements, please take a look at following website:

Australia: It all starts at least 210 days prior to departure with the rabies vaccination. At least 30 days after this, a blood test can be done. As from the date of the blood test, a waiting time of 180 days is applicable. When the blood test result is good (negative), you have to go to the Dutch Government Vet (VWA) in Utrecht to legalize/endorse the test result and to get a RNATT form. With this form and the test results you can apply for an import permit.
All pets needs to go to Melbourne as there is only 1 quarantine facility in Australia, Mickleham in Melbourne.

Together with this permit you will receive a health certificate. This certificate tells you exactly which other tests and treatments are needed within 45 and 21 days of departure. As there is only 1 laboratory in the Netherlands which is approved by the Dutch government, please make sure your vet sends the blood to this lab: CVI in Lelystad. When all the tests and treatments are done, you have to go to your own vet to have the health certificate completed (within 5 days prior to departure) and after this you have to go the the nVWA (location Utrecht phone: 088 – 223 2100 option 1) to legalize/endorse all the paperwork.

On the day of departure you have the following:
Endorsed by nVWA:
* passport (including chip number, up to date vaccinations and treatments)
* import permit
* a complete filled in health certificate (filled in, signed and stamped by your own vet)
* all test results from CVI in Lelystad
Furthermore you have a quarantine reservation for at least 10 days in Melbourne. You can read all information on the website of Aqis/Daff:
This website also includes addresses for quarantine waitlists, so be sure you have made a reservation for your pet in time. There is 1 city where animals may enter Australia and that is Melbourne. After the 10 days quarantine in Melbourne, VCK can arrange domestic flights to all possible destinations within Australia.
If you are interested to arrange extra walks for your dog, please contact: