The animals can/may not walk loose through the belly of the aircraft, they need to be placed in special transport kennel during the whole transportation process.

These kennels are specially made for animals so that they can not hurt themselves during the journey. It is recommendable to let your animal get used to the kennel at home so that he/she feels more at ease. Give your animal food and water in the kennel and try to let him/her sleep in it.

There are different kind and sizes of kennels. We recommend you to measure your animal and to ask information about the kennel before you buy one.

In case the kennel is too small or way too big, the kennel will be refused by the airline and then you need to buy another one last minute. In worst case scenario, the animal can not fly on board of booked flight.

The animal should be able to stand up, to sit, to lie down and to turn around in a normal way.

To measure your pet in a right way:


A-    Length from nose till beginning of tail

B-     Height in stand up position; from the ground till top of the head

C-     Length front legs; from ground till shoulders

To decide the length of the needed kennel; the following rule is applicable:
A + half of C = …. cm

Length (A) is 80 cm, the height of front legs (C) is 30 cm, you divide 30 cm by 2 which is 15cm. 80 cm + 15 cm = 95 cm. The kennel needs to be at least 95 cm long.

For snub nosed dogs, we recommend one kennel size bigger. These dogs have a higher risk to get breathing problems. Travelling in a bigger kennel gives more oxygen and therefore less risk on breathing problems.

If you measured your animal the right way, you can buy a kennel. The kennel needs to be  IATA approved, which means that the top and the bottom should be hold together with screws, the door should be from steel and the little pins of the revolving part of the door should cut through the plastic at least 1.6 centimetre.

The most common used IATA-approved kennels are Vari or Sky.

In case you have some doubts if your kennel is IATA-approved or you want more information about kennels, please don’t hesitate to contact us.