Shall I tranquilize my pet for the journey? No, veterinary research has learned that tranquilizing a pet can be fatal.  Sometimes pet owner think it’s good to tranquilize their pet. DON’T DO THIS!! The combination of the height and tranquilizers can lead to a low blood pressure. The animal can arrive undercooled. This is life endagering and can lead to death !!

—- Is it possible to give medicines to the animal during the flight? No, the animals travel in a different compartment. Check with your vet if your pet is healthy enough to travel.

—- Are there special documents needed to transport pets? Yes, but this depends on the destination. Several countries has  quarantine procedures. For more information please read this page

—- Can I give my pet food and water before the journey begins? We recommend to give light food 24 hours prior to departure and not to give anything 12 hours prior to departure. You can always give water.

—- Do I need to buy a special kennel? And if so, where can I buy these?    The kennels need to comply to the IATA rules and we have all standard sizes in stock. For more information, please take a look at page: Transportboxes

—- Can I give my pet a toy for the journey? Unfortunately not, the animals can be a bit stresst during the journey and then they can destroy the toy or eat to toy which can be fatal.

—- Can I bring my pet myselve? Yes, this is possible. In case you don’t have transportation to the airport, we can also pick up your pet at home. Please ask for our prices

—- How old should my pet be for transportation? Dogs and cats under 8 weeks are not accepted. Most airlines accept dogs and cats as from 10 weeks.

—- Is it allowed to put my pets together in one kennel? – Animals which are nature enemies are not allowed to travel together. (for example; dogs and cats) – Adults dogs and cats may travel together when they are used to each other and when they don’t weight more then 14 kg each. – Puppy’s and kittens till 6 months old may travel with the 3 of them if they come form the same nest.