Birds and exotic species

VCK-AraFor transporting birds and exotic animals it is very important to know the scientific name of the animal. Then can be decided what kind of transportbox/crate is needed and which possibilities there are to transport your animal to the final destination.

Not all airlines accept birds and exotic animals which results in limited transportpossibilities by air.

You have to take into account:

  • Maximum amount of birds per crate
  • Young birds which are still dependent on their mother are illegal to transport by air, birds must be able to feed independently

The shipper is responsible for food and watercontainers if this is required. When delivering the animals for export, there is always a check if the food and other materials are conform the importrules of country of transit/import. In case the crates are sealed by government vet, feeding the animals during transport is not possible. The shipper has to take this into account. It must be able to fill watercontainers from outside the crate.

Cites: permits and certificates is required for international trade- and transport of endagered animal species/protected animal species. This is not only needed for commercial shipments but also for all import and export of these species. For a couple of these species it’s illegal to trade at all. Several countries have made international agreements in 1974. In the meantime 180 countries have sigend this CITES-agreement (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora).

Permits and/or certificates are supplied by a special CITES-office. This CITES-office is part of Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Foodquality (LNV). For applying a permit/certificate an amount will be charged.

Please check with LNV if your animal may be transported. For more information regarding CITES, please contact or the Ministry of Agriculture of the exporting country.